UC and Cloud Day 2017 – Whats an amazing line up of new and old speakers

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As always for myself and the rest of the UC Day Team its a very busy time of the year were we have read all sessions submissions update websites, mobile apps, contact successful speakers submissions etc.. This year has been no difference with a largest pool of sessions ever!! In the space of two months we have received over 105 sessions from all the global and selecting the very best sessions is such a difficult task.

This year I have handed this task Tom Arbuthnot, Steve Goodman and Ed Baker who have done an amazing jobs picking 25 excellent sessions. This year we welcome back;

  • Ben Lee
  • Stale Hansen
  • Jan Vidar Elven
  • Tom Morgan
  • Tony Redmond
  • Dave Stork
  • Michael Van Horenbeeck
  • Jaap Wesselius
  • Brian Reid
  • Alan Richards
  • Gary Steere
  • Ingo Gegenwarth

and myself as I will be delivering a panel discussion about the IT Pro role in the future.

We welcome a whole host of new speakers

  • Johan Delimon
  • Adam Jacobs
  • Matt Hurst
  • Mustada Toroman
  • Mike Martin
  • Sam Cogan
  • Walter Wong
  • Jennifer Stirrup
  • Lyndon-Jon Martin
  • Nathan OBryan
  • Michel de Rooji
  • Andrew J. Price

Now would you like to know the sessions ???

Azure Track

Jan Vidar Elven Mastering Azure Active Directory v2! Azure AD has been around for many years, for most users it started with an Office 365 or Azure subscription, and managed in the Classic Azure Management Portal. In the fall 2016, Azure AD was announced as Public Preview in the new Azure Portal (Ibiza), and most functionality was GA now before summer 2017. The old Classic Portal will be discontinued. Many new services are now only available in the new Azure AD portal, and new management scenarios bring identities and devices together, like the new Conditional Access, and the upcoming integration of Intune and Azure AD, and many more will come. In this session your Azure AD knowledge will be upgraded to Azure AD v2 and you will learn all about how to master your Azure Active Directory in the new portal, and how you get started with the Azure AD v2 PowerShell Module replacement for the old MSOL Module.
Mike Martin CLOUDVOYANCE: MONITORING WITH AZURE Monitoring is relevant, but mostly only done … after the facts. Azure provides in a lot of good monitoring tools on several levels. Using this correctly and getting a good overview is something you need to learn. This session will explain what the features are out of the box, how to build custom dashboards and how one can use correlated intelligence (and even automate on that). Topics handled are at Azure , OMS , and more …
Mustafa Toroman Azure networking – everything you need to know Azure networking is important part of Azure IaaS and even more important when building hybrid cloud. Learn all Azure networking concepts (like what is VNet, types of IPs, gateways, S2S, P2S…) and how it all comes together. Extend your datacenter to cloud and build hybrid cloud on your terms.
Sam Cogan Azure Resource Manager Templates Tips, Tricks and Advanced Techniques A technical discussion of some more advanced techniques to take your Azure Resource Manager templates to the next level. Covering areas such as conditions, T-Shirt sizes, functions, outputs as well as tooling and testing. Intended for IT Pro’s or Devops who have used basic ARM templates to deploy Azure resources but now want to learn more advanced techniques.
Walter Wong Performance Tuning Tips and Tricks for PaaS Solutions with Microsoft Azure Hosting an application in a cloud environment is becoming commonplace in the industry. With Microsoft Azure’s PaaS offering, applications can be deployed in a matter of minutes. With the wide variety of PaaS package offerings from Microsoft Azure, the fine art of striking a balance between requirements, performance and budget has now become easier. Come and join Walter for this session as he shares his experience supported by statistics.

Office 365 Track

Jaap Wesselius Backup and Restore in Office 365 In your on-premises environment you’re used to creating backups on a daily basis, and if you have a disaster recovery plan you restore services in a test environment on a regular basis. Maybe you also restore services on end-user demand.
But what if you are moving to Office 365? How about backup in Exchange Online, or even worse, how about restore in Exchange Online? And now you’ve moved your user’s home drive to OneDrive for Business, what are your options?
In this session we’ll discuss backup, restore and disaster recover in several Office 365 solutions. Stuff you can do (have to do) and stuff that Microsoft will do for your.
After this session you should have a good understanding about restore services you can offer to your end-users.
Brian Reid Limiting Access to Office 365 This session will look at how to limit access to the different Office 365 applications so that you can control access to your data, from the device or location or based on the individual user. For this session we will look at a whole range of different ways to achieve this aim, including support for newer and older clients, mobile devices, and then extending this conditional access to other SaaS and on-premises applications
Nathan OBryan Idenity and Authenication Management for Office 365 In this session we’ll dive into the Identity and Authentication Management for Office 365. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Azure AD Connect, AD FS, MFA, and more!
Gary Steere Express Route and Office 365 Performance – Myth or Miracle? Microsoft’s website takes a very neutral position on Express Route, simply explaining what it is and how it connects to Azure and Office 365. Luckily the Internet has many forums containing a lot of information about Express Route and how it helps with Office 365. And, as we all know, the Internet never lies. It would seem that Express Route could help in select use cases, after all one could logically assume that the Express Route connection is Azure is closer to the Office 365 endpoint. Many people suspect that Express Route helps with Skype for Business performance.
Alan Richards PowerApps and SharePoint Integration In this session we will look at how we can use PowerApps to build custom forms for lists in SharePoint online. The forms will be built without the use of code and then used to enhance the user experience in SharePoint Online by running inline with modern pages.

Skype for Business Track

Adam Jacobs Building a scalable Azure video interop service for Skype for Business A year ago both Microsoft and Polycom agreed to deliver a global, scalable and resilient video interoperability service – with just software running within Azure. This session will go over how we delivered on these goals, the architecture and some of the challenges along the way.
Ben Lee Microsoft Teams: Your Collaboration “Desktop” Microsoft Teams is one of the new kids on the block in the O365 productivity space pulling together the best elements of OneDrive, Skype, SharePoint and Exchange as well as integrating other platforms and technologies. Teams represents the next evolutionary step in Microsoft’s collaboration roadmap. It has the potential to “revolutionise” how organisations work and collaborate on projects by becoming one of the most important & frequently used tools in the workplace. Log into your computer (or smartphone), launch Teams and have immediate access to 90% of the information and documents needed for the working day.

In this talk Ben Lee (Principal Consultant for Modality Systems) will recap on what Teams is, how it builds on existing Microsoft platforms and how it can integrate with other services as well as covering recent Teams developments. We will also look at how you can build and apply a collaboration strategy placing Teams at its core.

Johan Delimon The Secrets of Media Flows in Skype for Business This session will take you down the details how to troubleshoot Skype for Business Media Flows. How does the STUN, TURN and ICE process work and what happens when media sessions are setup, all about networking to fully understand how Skype for Business works on various networks. This session covers both Skype for Business Online as well as Skype for Business Server
Matt Hurst Advanced Cloud PBX Topology Considerations for Centralized CCE Deployments Customers looking to deploy Microsoft’s Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) have more options than ever to find an optimal solution for complex environments. Recent enhancements, such as support for media bypass and co-existence, provide new benefits that require specific architectural considerations. In this session learn how to optimize RTP media flows to give employees the best user experience while minimizing costs. We’ll drill down into various use cases that have regulatory and fiscal impacts. We’ll also share practical lessons from the field, highlighting CCE topologies that drive customer adoption, increase security, and simplify the migration to the cloud.
Ståle Hansen Everything you need to know about succeeding with Skype for Business Call Quality The Call Quality Dashboard and Advanced Call Analytics gives insight in to trending quality per site and the ability to look in to details about individual calls. Learn the effect of importing subnet data in both dashboards and how you can check headsets, client versions and even get feedback from the Rate my Call survey. After this session you are ready to get more insight in to your own solution when you get back home

Microsoft Exchange Track

Ingo Gegenwarth Exchange Hybrid in a complex environment Azure AD Connect supports synchronization of multiple forests. But what when you have multiple Exchange Organizations with different SMTP namespaces in addition?
This session covers some areas in a complex scenario and highlights the main pitfalls in the following topics :
Azure AD Connect
Michael Van Horenbeeck Exchange hybrid in large and complex environments: How to avoid creating a Frankenstein monster! In this session we’ll go over the most common challenges when configuring a hybrid (Exchange) deployment.
Dave Stork / Jetze Mellema Migrating Exchange Migrating mailboxes. Something every Exchange admin has done. Whether it be from legacy to a more modern version of on-premises Exchange, Cross-forest, to the cloud or even from other groupware solutions. But even if the process has been improved over the years, there are still things to consider. Such as:
• Inter or Cross-forest?
• To the cloud with Hybrid, Cutover, Staged or Express: Which approach do I choose?
• Third party tools or native?
• What will the user impact be?
• What about AutoDiscover
Tony Redmond Ten Ways Your Life Changes When You Move from Exchange On-Premises to Office 365 Details to be provided
Michel de Rooij Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell, Tips & Tricks Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell – Tips & Tricks every admin should know.

Microsoft Cloud Track

Cloud Andrew J. Price What is the future of the IT Pro In this panel discuss I will ask fellow MVP to join me and share their thoughts on the IT Pro role. We will discuss what makes a good IT Professional, what does the next 5 years look like with regards to career path and take questions from the audience. This will be a completely different style of session and expect a lot interaction from the audience.
Cloud Jan Vidar Elven Information Protection 360 – Admin and User Perspectives for protecting your information in the Microsoft Cloud In this session we will dive into the full 360 degree view of implementing Azure Information Protection, including how Admins set up and manage AIP, and how End-Users get started with classifying, protecting and tracking sensitive and confidential documents. This session will be full of demos, and real useful for planning your EU GDPR compliance!
Cloud Jennifer Stirrup Power BI for your CEO Digital Transformation is much more than just sticking a few Virtual Machines in the cloud; it is real, transformative, long-term change that benefits and impacts the whole organisation.
Digital Transformation is a hot topic with CEOs and the C-level suite, renewing their interest in data and what it can do to empower the organisation.
With the right metrics and data visualisation, Power BI can help to bring clarity and predictability to the CEO to make strategic decisions, understand how their customers behave, and measure what really matters to the organization. This session is aimed at helping you to please your CEO with insightful dashboards in Power BI that are relevant to the CxO in your organisation, or your customers’ organisations.
Using data visualisation principles in Power BI, we will demonstrate how you can help the CEO by giving her the metrics she needs to develop a guiding philosophy based on data-driven leadership. Join this session to get practical advice on how you can help drive your organisation’s short and long term future, using data and Power BI.
As an MBA student and external consultant who delivers solutions worldwide, Jen has experience in advising CEO and C-level executives in terms of strategic and technical direction.
Join this session to learn how to speak their language in order to meet their needs, and impress your CEO with proving it, using Power BI.
Cloud Lyndon-Jon Martin Deploying Citrix (Cloud) Workloads in Azure and Beyond ARA How to take your Citrix workloads to Azure safe and securely on your own terms adopting an extend vs. host vs. cloud service deployment choice strategy to migrate vs. move on your own terms to Azure + Citrix Cloud. In this session we look at the right vs. relevant when choosing between Citrix Cloud vs. Azure marketplace services and finally going beyond ARA with XenApp and or XenDesktop Essentials Services.
Cloud Tom Morgan Live coding! Build a bot in a session I’m almost certainly going to regret this. In exchange for coffee and pastries I’m going to attempt to build a working bot in the space of a session, from scratch, in front of you. The bot will be the Official Unofficial UCDay Session Bot, and will tell you what sessions are next, and what sessions are coming up. I’ll explain what I’m doing as I go along, so if you think creating a useful bot is months of work, come along and see if I can get it done in the session time.

Really looking forward to this years event

Andrew J. Price

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