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I am happy to announce that the list of the Speakers and Sessions has now been uploaded to the UC Day website. As you can see from below we have a lot of quality sessions which I am looking forward to attending myself and its not to late to grab a ticket for this awesome event.

In order to get your ticket head over to http://www.ucday.co.uk/event/uc-and-cloud-day-2016/


Time Track Speaker Title Session Details
09:45 Skype for Business Tom Arbuthnot Skype for Business and Cloud PBX – The right deployment model for you From December 2015, Skype for Business Cloud PBX became available globally, allowing you to run full Skype for Business PSTN services in the Office 365 Cloud. It can be deployed as either as a 100% cloud service, or as a hybrid with on premise servers and gateways. In this session we will cover in detail the Skype for Business deployment models, from 100% cloud, to hybrid to 100% on premise, what features are available in each model and understand what business and service factors will influence your deployment decisions.


Understand the features and abilities of Skype for Business Cloud PBX
Know when would you deploy 100% Cloud and Hybrid is best
Understand how media and networking work with Skype for Business Cloud PBX
Lean the top technical and business considerations for Skype for Business Cloud PBX

Exchange Dave Stork On-premises Exchange: real world experiences planning and deploying No time to dig into the specifics of implementing Exchange? In this session the most important guidelines, best practices, tools, tips and tricks will be discussed for those who need a quick introduction. Topics like the Exchange Preferred Architecture, the Exchange Server Role Calculator for sizing, why running Jetstress is still important, how to virtualize Exchange properly etc. will be discussed. Mainly focused on Exchange 2013, although most will be valid for 2010 and 2016.
Office365 Michael Van Horenbeeck Securing your Office 365 deployment with acronyms: how to leverage EDP, EMS, RMS and AAD! In order to successfully protect your Office 365 deployment and the data within, one must look beyond hardening the authentication process. All too often, security policies restrict people from doing their job efficiently, up to the point it becomes a nuisance and affects productivity. The real role of IT Security is to facilitate people to do their jobs more securely and enable them to take advantage of (not so new) paradigms such as BYOD an work-from-anywhere. In this session we will explore Microsoft’s features that will help you protect your Office 365 beyond the perimeter with features such as Enterprise Data Protection for Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Conditional Access, Azure Rights Management, Multi-Factor Authentication and much more
Azure John Timney Improving Sharepoint Project Cost Estimation with Azure Machine Learning Costing SharePoint projects, or any projects for that matter can be really difficult, but what if you could simplify that dramatically by looking at data science and Azure.

Bring on machine learning and you suddenly have an opportunity to amalgamate your legacy cost information to better predict future outlay for pretty much anything. What makes it even better is that it’s not really very hard to start using Azure Machine Learning and then to move on to looking at alternative strategies for other types of predictive outcomes, and you don’t have to be an experienced data scientist to dip your toe in the water and get real fiscal potential from drag and drop solutions in Azure.

“Machine Learning” made its first appearance on the Gartner Hype cycle chart this year, but has already past the peak of inflated expectations and now takes the place of Big Data as a critical skill for business to acquire.

Join Office Server and Services MVP John Timney as he takes you through this exciting and must learn thing that is AML, provides some light touch insight into its operational domain and demonstrates how to start taking early advantage of it.

Cloud Ed Baker Are YOU Intune with your Enterprise Devices How Windows 10, Azure AD Join and Microsoft Intune can make your life much easier.

This session will explain and demonstrate

how Microsoft Intune uses Azure Active Directory Premium to auto enrol devices into MDM.
How Microsoft Intune can provide Mobile Application Management and conditional access.

Come and hear about all the new developments in this key component of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Secure


Time Track Speaker Title Session Details
11:30 Skype for Business Tom Morgan iOS, Android & Web Development with Skype for Business Some incredible things have happened in the past 12 months in the Skype for Business development space. This session will give an overview of what’s new and what the new opportunities are for web and mobile application developers. Specifically:
– Quick Recap / Overview of the Development landscape today
– Skype App SDK – what’s new, what’s been announced, what’s coming, how it works
– Skype Web SDK – what’s changed in the last year, what’s now GA, what’s still in Preview
– Skype Web SDK and Office 365 – developing in Office365 for the first time(!)
– Walkthrough / Demo – how to setup it up, how to get to Hello World, set up a simple web chat
Exchange Jaap Wesselius Message Security in Exchange In session we will cover message security in Exchange, mostly on-premises but Exchange Online Protection will be covered slightly as well.
We will talk about the basics like Connection Filtering and Reverse DNS and SPF, but also take a closer look at the more complex stuff like DMARC and DKIM.
This will not only be interested for attendees using Exchange, but also for attendees using 3rd party appliances for message security.
Office365 Steve Goodman Black Belt Office 365 PowerShell Manage Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 like a pro! In this session we talk through the basics of Exchange and Office 365 PowerShell, then show you how automating common tasks like use management and migration, monitoring and troubleshooting is easier with PowerShell.
Azure Brian Reid Improving User and Application Security With the increase in hacking attempts and the fact that most businesses have their data compromised in some way, this session will look at ensuring you are protected as best you can be.

We will look at adding additional and seamless levels of security to your authentications, data access and password reset processes for both on-premises access such as VPN and cloud based applications such as Office 365 and other cloud services.

Cloud Graham Walsh Video Interop delivered from Azure How to utilise Microsoft Azure with Pexip Infinity for video interop with Skype for Business on-premise or Office 365


Time Track Speaker Title Session Details
13:30 Skype for Business Stale Hansen Skype for Business voice in the cloud Microsoft has released the Cloud PBX, PSTN conferencing, PSTN calling and Broadcast meeting readily available in Office 365. This session explains the concepts, looks at configuring dial-in Configuring, shares lessons learned with Broadcast meeting and dives in to Skype for Business online over a Citrix platform.
Exchange Thomas Verwer Deploying Hybrid Office 365 in a Servered Based Computing Concept Deploying Office 365, Exchange Online and Office 365 ProPlus or OneDrive in a SBC/RDS concept is challenging. There are several caveats in this scenario.

The core requirement with this scenario is keeping performance on a high level. How do you address these requirements and what are logical decisions to be made while designing the deployment?

Office365 Tony Redmond Field Guide to Office 365 Groups (and more) Office 365 Groups cause many different reactions. Some don’t like the way that they usurp SharePoint team sites. Some decry the lack of management and control. Some like the evolution away from standard email distribution groups but wonder why Office 365 Groups can’t be implemented for on-premises applications. And some consider them a short-sighted attempt to remove Microsoft’s focus on collaboration technology away from Yammer. Like most ideas and opinions, there are many views to be considered to understand the full story, which is what we will attempt to do in this session. No guarantee is given that we’ll arrive at an answer that will satisfy, but at least we’ll have an information-filled discussion about the different aspects of Office 365 Groups.
Azure Justin Harris Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite: Whats in it for you? Implementing a sound enterprise mobility strategy can be a daunting task given all the different choices on the market. This intermediate session will provide best practices that you need to know about regarding how to extend on-premises assets to the cloud in a straightforward manner that allows for authentication, authorization, encryption and a secured mobile experience. Additional demonstrations will help you frame your enterprise mobility story to ensure end users are productive anywhere and anytime by designing, installing, configuring and maintaining Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Azure Rights Management services.
Cloud Thomas Lee Doing Azure with Powershell PowerShell started off life as a On-Premises management solution – but you can also use it with Azure. You can fully automate the creation of azure assets simply and easily. This talk will look at how you can take advantage of the best tools Microsoft has to offer: PowerShell and Azure. We’ll look at the various module and how you get them and demonstrate how they work.`


Time Track Speaker Title Session Details
15:00 Skype for Business Ben Lee Introduction to the Skype Operational Framework (SOF) Microsoft recently introduced the SOF, Skype operational framework. An adapted IT project methodology designed to help you achieve success for your enterprise Skype UC deployments.
In this sessions we will take a look at the SOF and how to apply it into your projects to achieve success
Exchange Ingo Gegenwarth Automate Exchange Deployment with Powershell State Configuration This session will show how a large Exchange organization with over 120k mailboxes was deployed and configured into a muli-geo environment. Powershell Desired State Configuration was used to automate several tasks and keep core settings according to its architectural design. Hear about the idea and the challenges on the way.
Learn how you can automate things with built-in resources like Powershell Desired State Configuration and how to avoid service interruptions due to misconfiguration by human error.
Office365 Alan Richards Building BI Dashboards Using PowerBi In this webinar we will look building dashboards using PowerBi. During the session we will use live demos to explain the basics of PowerBi and how to create dashboards connecting to a variety of data sources.

The demos will use PowerBi online and the PowerBi desktop app to create dashboards.

Azure Bhargav Shukla Using Azure Site Recovery as your DR Site The Azure Site Recovery service contributes to your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy by orchestrating replication, failover and recovery of virtual machines and physical servers. In this session, we cover the DR scenarios enabled by Azure Site Recovery and showcase how easy to get started with a DR for almost all your workloads.
Cloud Jan Vidar Elven Premium Management and Protection of Identity and Access with Azure AD Azure AD has several security and identity solutions that can be enabled to bring your organizations management and protection of identities and access to a premium level. This session will focus on Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management for controlling role and admin access, how to monitor it all will Azure AD Connect Health, and how Azure Multi-Factor Authentication works with these solutions. The session will be real practical with demos on how to get started using these solutions, the requirements, how to configure and use, and with best practices and experiences from the field.


Time Track Speaker Title Session Details
16:00 Skype for Business Thomas Pilz IR Prognosis for UC – Experience management solution for in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments See how IR Prognosis helps to prepare organizations to move to Office 365 and Skype for Business Online,
Prognosis combines automated network readiness assessment and testing, with deep troubleshooting
capabilities to identify and resolve network capacity and capability problems in prospective Skype for Business
environments. With these new capabilities, IT organizations can evaluate, troubleshoot, prepare, and monitor your
network for Skype for Business cloud or hybrid deployment and migration to ensure a successful deployment and
positive user experience in calls and meetings.
Exchange TBC
Office365 Arfan Sharif Best practices for migrating to O365 Session covering the following aspects of a migration to Office 365:
Key challenges with office 365 migrations
Common migration mistakes
Top five best practices
Overview of Dell Software solutions for Office 365 migration
Azure Alex Cooper Microsoft Azure RemoteApps This session will give you an overview of what Microsoft Azure RemoteApp’s is, how to successfully deploy a project involving the above as well as tips and tricks from the field. We will also do a quick comparison to other solutions available out there and why RemoteApp is the way to go.
Cloud Ryan Yates Teaching the IT Pro how to Dev In this session we will look at how IT Pros (and developers) *could* be completing their day to day tasks in a more efficient manner with effective Unit Testing and Source Control of their Scripts.

This is a session where there will be chance to follow along (if you bring your own laptop) and learn in real time from the co-ordinator of the UK PowerShell User Groups – however you will also be lead to further community resources if you require further time after the session to get this built into your current day to day workflow.



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