Official Statement: Stepping down as Leader of Evolve Conference and Microsoft Cloud User Group

Hello Readers

After 5 years of working within the Microsoft UC Community, I will be now stepping down as the Leader of Evolve Conference and Microsoft Cloud User Group. I have had a fantastic time leading both events, meeting so many different people over the course of this journey and wish both communities all the success in the world.

The UC Community has been a big part of my life now for a very long time and I now feel its time to reinvent myself, it is with a heavy heart I walk away from these two brands I have put all I have into over the years but it is not the end of these events. They will continue to deliver the goals I set to ensure the United Kingdom is the hub of the best Microsoft content within the EMEA Region. I hope with the new leadership and same vision itll continue to be the UK’s leading events in the world of UC/IC.

Finally, thank you to everyone that has attended and supported UC Birmingham UG, Microsoft Cloud UG and UC Day over the past 5 years its been a pleasure sharing real world knowledge with you all.

Signing out..

But before I go heres some of my highlights of my UC Community Journey.





Andrew J. Price

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