Office 365 ProPlus Channel Configurator – Powershell Script

On 7th November, I briefly discussed how to change Office 365 Update Channel via editing the Registry Hive. This process is quite simple to do but not everyone likes playing around within the Registry on their client machines, so I have made a little script which takes away the pain of doing it yourself. This script is designed set the “updatebranch” to one of the following Channels

  • Monthly Channel
  • Semi-Annual (Targeted) Channel
  • Semi-Annual Channel
  • Monthly (Targeted) Channel
  • Insider (Coming Soon)








If you are unsure of the of the correct channel name to use, please visit to confirm the right channel for you. The script has also been loaded with the ability to download useful tools for supporting an Office 365 ProPlus deployment.

Script Download

This script is available to download via the Technet Gallery and GitHub sites.

Technet Download

GitHub Download


1.0 – Base Tool with options for “Configuring Channels via Registry Key and download of useful assests for Office 365 ProPlus deployments”

1.1 – New Features and Bugfixes (Coming Soon)

New Features

  • Configure Office 2016 for Insider Channel (Unsupported Channel)
  • Download Official Deployment Tool
  • Download Official Deployment with
    • Pre-configured configurational.xml fpr all channels
  • Download Deltas for all channels


  • Better checking of file paths
  • Better error trapping


RegardsPreview Changes (opens in a new window)

Andrew J. Price – Author of Blogabout.Cloud

Office Servers and Services MVP

3 thoughts on “Office 365 ProPlus Channel Configurator – Powershell Script”

  1. A very useful tool, thank you!
    As we are managing our O365 clients through SCCM I’m wondering if we would have any negative impact by changing the update channel through this way… Do you have experiences with this?

    1. Hi Tim

      The organisation I work for also use SCCM to manage Office 365 ProPlus updates and I haven’t seen any negative impact on my own machine yet. I have been running Insider Fast for over a week and SCCM hasnt overwritten the manual key change.

  2. Just to let you know that I’m running into an error when choosing the ‘1’ Option (evalated Administrator is being used). I’m currently on Deferred Channel which came through SCCM deployment.

    updatebranch REG_SZ doesnt exists, creating REG_SZ Key for Monthly Channel

    New-ItemProperty : Cannot find path ‘HKLM:\Software\Policies\Microsoft\office\16.0\common\officeupdate\’ because it does not exist.

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