Configuring Polycom RealConnect for Office365

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Here is your quick whistle stop tour on how to configure Polycom RealConnect for Office365, in this post I will cover how to activate, provision and use of RealConnect

The first component for this configuration is to allow Polycom admin* credentials to your Office365 Tenant via the web portal below

* Admin access only required for the initial configuration and can be removed


Configuring Office  365 for Polycom RealConnect

Launch your broswer of choice and visit the Polycom RealConnect for Office 365 webpage ( Once you are welcomed by the page below you will need to click on the blue link to authorise the Polycom app access to your tenant.

As I am already *signed into my Office 365 Tenant, Polycom RealConnect for Office 365 prompts for me to “Accept” to authroise the app.

* Signed in as Global Admin to the Office 365 Tenant

Click Authorize

Click Sign in to accept the Microsoft Cloud Solution provider invitation.

We are now going to Grant Delegate Admin Permission to your Office 365 Tenant but as it states “This granted permission can be removed once the relationship has been established”

Tick the terms of delegrated administration

Click Authorize CSP

Success the relationship has now been established

In order to remove the delegate admin now the partnership has been created. Click on Polycom B.V under Home > Partner relationships

Click Remove delegate admin

Click Remove

Click Close

We now need to return the tab and press refresh. You should now been prompted for a Licence Activation Key and kind people at Polycom will allow you to use a 30 day trial for testing the RealConnect solution

Press all the relevant information and TRAIL30 for the Activation Key.

Accept the terms of service and press Submit

You will now be able to provision 5 licenses to your selected meeting organizers. Meeting attendees will not need to be assigned a license only the functions that will scheduling meetings.

Provisioning RealConnect Licenses

If head back to your Office 365 Tenant you will see the new license available under Product Licenses

Using RealConnect

Once the licensed you will be able to open up a Skype Meeting within outlook and be presented with the VTC Information as shown below

If you click on Alternate VTC dialing instructions it will provide more details on other options for non-Skype4b clients.

More information about Polycom RealConnect can be found here


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