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Have you ever struggled getting the prefect CV to capture that dream role? Well Microsoft and LinkedIn have teamed up with a new feature currently only released to the Insider Channel called CV Assistant. This very much a beta release of this functionality but I will try be nice about it and provide my honest feedback.

So, lets “Get Started” with CV Assistant and see what it can do for you? One of the first questions you are asked if about your current role and using myself as an example I have entered Consultant within IT Service Industry but one of the failings I can see so far, none of the roles match my skill set however it does give you an option to drill into Top Skill to help examples build your CV.

Examples of Top Skills

Once you have used this feature it should enable you to find good content ideas to talk about your past working experience and from you search it will also suggest potential roles which you can apply for directly via LinkedIn. Heres a list of some of the key features within CV Assistant.

  • Leverage relevant examples
  • Identify top skills.
  • Customize a resume based on real job postings
  • Get professional help
  • Let recruiters know you’re open

I think this going to be a useful feature in the future if you are looking for a new role and like all Microsoft products, its hittting the right notes but needs that little bit more to make it perfect.

Heres the Microsoft Video talking about this new feature.



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