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Since the emergence of the Office 365 the Microsoft Cloud has gone from strength to strength encouraging more customers to embrace cloud computing. Throwing your emails into the cloud has gone from “Why would I do that” to “Let’s collaborate in the Cloud” as more and more on-premises solutions are now available online. One of the biggest game changes since the launch of Office 365 has been Microsoft Teams as it is your one stop solution for collaboration and the possibilities are endless, yet it maybe early days of the product clip_image002but with Microsoft Teams Roadmap.

Microsoft are working very hard to bring in new features and Enterprise support for this product with a heavy timeline of new additions.

I am excited by the prospect of working with customers who want to adopt the cloud as their Enterprise platform for their organization but what I will say is “the cloud is for everyone, it may not fit your organization today but what about tomorrow?” Working for a Microsoft SI (System integrator), I do see a lot of conversations about all the latest announcements with comments about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It is always in any Consultants best interests to look at the announcements and make a case for why customers should look at cloud offerings, when they should adopt and how to get the most out of the cloud.


I will be looking at the announcements from Microsoft and giving my opinions how it can help you and your organization get the very best out of Microsoft products without the commercial spin.


So, I will be officially bringing the Cloud back down to Earth!!

If you have any ideas of topics you would like me to discuss at length, please ping an email to and I will investigate the pro’s and con’s to give you an honest opinion.


Andrew J. Price

Author of Blog About A Cloud!!

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